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Just be sure to use a coaster should Mercury go into retrograde. Read your wine horoscope. An unlikely Roman duo, a construction engineer and a commercial lawyer, have spent the past three years cultivating a special giant variety of garlic that used to be prevalent in Tuscany but has not been produced in large quantities for 40 years.

The garlic, known in Italian as aglione, has a milder flavour, is odourless and easy to digest, say the two entrepreneurs, Alessandro Guagni and Lorenzo Bianchi. They hope to sell the aglione in high quality food markets, where they hope it will come to be seen as a newfound Italian gem.

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Garlic is often associated with Italian cuisine, and is considered an important ingredient when cooking roasted potatoes, lamb, roast pork and bruscetta, but it is not a flavour that dominates typical dishes. Guagni and Bianchi say this reflects concern, especially among young people, that it is indigestible and causes bad breath.

They also say that most garlic consumed in Italy is produced abroad, particularly China and Spain. Their story started about three years ago.

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One bulb weighed from to grams, about 10 times as big as normal garlic. The product is not totally unknown. When Guagni and Bianchi started asking restauranteurs about where they found their supplies, however, they hit a wall. You will never find it because it is over.

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Eventually they tracked down a few local producers , got their hands on some seeds and went to work on land Bianchi owns in the Marche region, near the city of Ancona. They also produce fertiliser. The pair have grown their garlic on two hectares of land, which they say is enough to cultivate about 30, plants. According to the Fondazione Slow Food , an organisation that promotes food biodiversity, fewer than 10 producers cultivate what it calls aglione della Chiana, and most do so for personal use.

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The foundation said the variety does not contain allicin, a chemical compound found in traditional garlic, and that there are usually six large cloves in a bulb. The garlic is said to date back to ancient times, when Etruscans inhabited the Chiana valley, and it was also present on the island of Giglio.

It allegedly arrived on the island in after the pirate Khayr al-Din killed nearly everyone on it, forcing the ruling Medici family of Florence to repopulate it with aglione-loving inhabitants of the Chiana valley, who brought it with them. Guagni and Bianchi, who have been friends since they were teenagers growing up in Rome, are thinking big, possibly about creating a supplement or soap, given that garlic is known for its anti-bacterial qualities.

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Ce signe est votre ascendant. Horoscope de la semaine Cancer. Dites-vous que ce nest pas la bonne solution pour combler un manque. Retrouvez votre horoscope de demain gratuitement du signe du Cancer.

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Les plus populaires. Votre horoscope gratuit en plus de tous vos horoscopes offerts! Tous nos horoscopes sont gratuits! Cancer - Votre horoscope du jour sur Idealvoyance Europe. Lhoroscope de la Saint Valentin Retrouvez votre horoscope du mois de novembre pour le signe du Cancer. Horoscope de demain du Cancer sur Horoscope. Horoscope balance du mois. Therefore, those who have a job will be appreciated and promoted, as your hard work and capabilities will lead you through the way and bestow you with the taste of success, confirms Ganesha. Si vous passez des examens ou des entretiens, vous portera chance.

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